1997 Watchlist

My boyfriend and I have decided to watch/re-watch wrestling from the Attitude Era on. The WWE Network does not make this an easy task, since they list all of the pay-per-views together, and all of the Raw Replays together. It would be helpful if they listed the shows by date instead. So after doing some research, I’ve made a list of Raw episodes and pay-per-views from 1997. Just an FYI – if you try to add them all to your watchlist on the Network, there won’t be enough space. I added the whole year, and it only kept July-December 1997. Here is my list, in case you are interested:


Jan. 6th Raw

Jan. 13th Raw

Jan. 19th Royal Rumble

Jan. 20th Raw

Jan. 27th Raw

Feb. 3rd Raw

Feb. 13th Raw

Feb. 16th In Your House 13: Final Four

Feb. 17th Raw

Feb. 24th Raw

March 3rd Raw

March 10th Raw

March 17th Raw

March 23rd Wrestlemania 13

March 24th Raw

March 31st Raw

April 7th Raw

April 14th Raw

April 20th In Your House 14: Revenge of Taker

April 21st Raw

April 28th Raw

May 5th Raw

May 11th In Your House: A Cold Day in Hell

May 12th Raw

May 19th Raw

May 26th Raw

June 2nd Raw

June 8th King of the Ring

June 9th Raw

June 16th Raw

June 23rd Raw

June 30th Raw

July 6th In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede

July 7th Raw

July 14th Raw

July 21st Raw

July 28th raw

August 3rd Summerslam

August 4th Raw

August 11th Raw

August 18th Raw

August 29th WWF’s Friday Night’s Main Event

Sept. 7th In Your House: Ground Zero

Sept. 8th Raw

Sept. 15th Raw

Sept. 20th One Night Only

Sept. 22nd Raw

Sept. 29th Raw

Oct. 5th In Your House: Badd Blood

Oct. 6th Raw

Oct. 13th Raw

Oct. 20th Raw

Oct. 27th Raw

Nov. 3rd Raw

Nov. 9th Survivor Series

Nov. 10th Raw

Nov. 17th Raw

Nov. 24th Raw

Dec. 1st Raw

Dec. 7th In Your House: D-Generation X

Dec. 8th Raw

Dec. 15th Raw

Dec. 22nd Raw

Dec. 29th Raw


I am hoping to keep up this trend, and when we finish 1997 I will make a list for 1998. Like always, if you notice any errors/anything I’m missing, please comment to let me know! I know that there are a few side shows from 1997 but in my research they seemed like recaps/talk shows. I know ECW isn’t included in this list – did it overlap with the pay-per-views at this point, or was it a stand-alone show?

I hope that you all find this list helpful. It would be really cool if we could all experience this time travel together.



Wrestlemania: Orlando 2017

Like many of you, I have mixed feelings about Wrestlemania. I had some high expectations for WWE’s biggest show of the year due to recently following Wrestling Rumors on Facebook. I realize that predictions posted on Wrestling Rumors are just speculation, and it would have been very difficult for them to meet all of my expectations. However, I wanted all of the rumors to be true so badly. The origin of WWE rumors remains unclear. At times, it seems that fan sites latch onto niblets of a looming WWE storyline. They follow other wrestling companies’ story lines, habits of former and current superstars, they use context from WWE history, and they over-analyze diction and syntax. Maybe they even have someone in the WWE leaking information. Other times, I think WWE searches fan sites, like Wrestling Rumors, looking for an idea of what the people want to see happen. To my delight, some of those rumors came to fruition.

The Hardy Boyz return made my heart stop. The New Day’s announcement that a fourth tag team would enter the ladder match for the Raw tag team titles was beautiful. I love how WWE knows the rumors that are spinning, and caters to them (occasionally). The New Day so clearly knew that fans were on the edge of their seats, expecting, or at least hoping for, the Hardy Boyz. I’m not sure if this is a quality of the New Day themselves (they’ve done it on numerous occasions, including recently addressing Xavier’s sex tape), or WWE script writers, but the group always seems to address reality, breaking the fourth wall that can sometimes feel like a thick, impenetrable barrier between the WWE and the WWE Universe. The New Day’s delivery of the announcement left us suspended for a few moments. They teased us. Dressed in their wrestling gear, doubt seeped into the minds of the people that were so sure that the Hardys would return in the match that they’re most famous for. It was a terrifying few moments as we wondered, “WWE knows what we want. Would they really not give it to us?”  Thankfully, I think the New Day knows that we’ve seen enough of them for now.

John Cena proposed to Nikki Bella last night at Wrestlemania, even though he said he never would. Even though I’m a romantic, I’m not satisfied with this turn in events. It feels like a lie to me. The lie isn’t that John Cena is pretend-marrying Nikki Bella. I’m sure that they’re getting married for real, and they’re in love, and they’ll live a happy life together. The lie is that John Cena swore to us, countless times over the last few years, that he did not want to ever get married again. He was adamant. If there was one thing we knew about John Cena, it was that he was not the marrying type. Now, all of a sudden, he is? What changed? The other thing that bothers me is that there was no reasoning behind this change of heart. He stated that he knew he wanted to marry Nikki a year ago when she went into surgery for her injured neck. He apparently asked her to marry him when she was drugged up. That story does not ring true to me. Why would he ask her to marry him when she was loopy? He knew she would say yes. She has made her intentions more than clear – unless her feelings about marriage are a total lie, too. I’m sure that they will get more into this on the next season of Total Bellas, but they should not have had this segment unless they were going to do it right. You cannot un-do what he’s said for the last two years (?) in like ten minutes. I understand that there was a time constraint (don’t know how – the show was like 7 hours), but if they didn’t have time to do it the way they should have done it, with John Cena explaining why he changed his mind about marriage and declaring his love for Nikki, they shouldn’t have done it at all. Some people are claiming that he actually proposed to her months ago, and they’ve just kept it under wraps, which I can understand and respect, but they needed to have some respect for the WWE Universe, too. They owe us more than what they gave us.

Now onto my disappointments. Finn was nowhere to be found. He has been performing at house shows over the last few weeks, so I was sure he was going to be at Wrestlemania. I didn’t care if he didn’t compete, I just wanted him to make an appearance, to announce his intentions for his future.

The Smackdown Live’s women’s championship match did not have any returns. It was speculated that Kelly Kelly, Maria, or Lita would enter the match for the women’s title. This rumor felt increasingly hopeful when the night was nearly over, as WWE usually places their best content at the end of the show. Also, the way that the match stipulation was worded. “All available women on the Smackdown Live roster,” were scheduled to compete. It would have been too easy to have one of the above-mentioned women come out at the very end of the entrances, and say, “I’m now part of the Smackdown Live roster,” and then join the match and win the belt.

While I did face some disappointments last night, according to gossip, some surprises are in store for us the week after Wrestlemania. I can only hope that this will mean more returns, and some call-ups from NXT.


What did you all think of Wrestlemania? What was your favorite match? What are your storyline predictions?