1997 Watchlist

My boyfriend and I have decided to watch/re-watch wrestling from the Attitude Era on. The WWE Network does not make this an easy task, since they list all of the pay-per-views together, and all of the Raw Replays together. It would be helpful if they listed the shows by date instead. So after doing some research, I’ve made a list of Raw episodes and pay-per-views from 1997. Just an FYI – if you try to add them all to your watchlist on the Network, there won’t be enough space. I added the whole year, and it only kept July-December 1997. Here is my list, in case you are interested:


Jan. 6th Raw

Jan. 13th Raw

Jan. 19th Royal Rumble

Jan. 20th Raw

Jan. 27th Raw

Feb. 3rd Raw

Feb. 13th Raw

Feb. 16th In Your House 13: Final Four

Feb. 17th Raw

Feb. 24th Raw

March 3rd Raw

March 10th Raw

March 17th Raw

March 23rd Wrestlemania 13

March 24th Raw

March 31st Raw

April 7th Raw

April 14th Raw

April 20th In Your House 14: Revenge of Taker

April 21st Raw

April 28th Raw

May 5th Raw

May 11th In Your House: A Cold Day in Hell

May 12th Raw

May 19th Raw

May 26th Raw

June 2nd Raw

June 8th King of the Ring

June 9th Raw

June 16th Raw

June 23rd Raw

June 30th Raw

July 6th In Your House 16: Canadian Stampede

July 7th Raw

July 14th Raw

July 21st Raw

July 28th raw

August 3rd Summerslam

August 4th Raw

August 11th Raw

August 18th Raw

August 29th WWF’s Friday Night’s Main Event

Sept. 7th In Your House: Ground Zero

Sept. 8th Raw

Sept. 15th Raw

Sept. 20th One Night Only

Sept. 22nd Raw

Sept. 29th Raw

Oct. 5th In Your House: Badd Blood

Oct. 6th Raw

Oct. 13th Raw

Oct. 20th Raw

Oct. 27th Raw

Nov. 3rd Raw

Nov. 9th Survivor Series

Nov. 10th Raw

Nov. 17th Raw

Nov. 24th Raw

Dec. 1st Raw

Dec. 7th In Your House: D-Generation X

Dec. 8th Raw

Dec. 15th Raw

Dec. 22nd Raw

Dec. 29th Raw


I am hoping to keep up this trend, and when we finish 1997 I will make a list for 1998. Like always, if you notice any errors/anything I’m missing, please comment to let me know! I know that there are a few side shows from 1997 but in my research they seemed like recaps/talk shows. I know ECW isn’t included in this list – did it overlap with the pay-per-views at this point, or was it a stand-alone show?

I hope that you all find this list helpful. It would be really cool if we could all experience this time travel together.



Pay-per-views in 2017

I read somewhere that there will be fewer WWE pay-per-views in 2017. While pay-per-views are exciting – due to superstars putting on their best performances, and the possibility of superstar returns – I think this decision is in the company’s best interest. Since the 2016 draft, where the brands were split, and each show was given its own pay-per-views, there has been a pay-per-view event about every 2-4 weeks. Just take a look at the pay-per-view schedule over the past few months:


September 11, 2016 Backlash

September 25, 2016 Clash of Champions

October 9, 2016 No Mercy

October 30, 2016 Hell in a Cell

November 20, 2016 Survivor Series

December 4, 2016 TLC


Now, just two weeks after TLC, Roadblock will be held (on December 18th). Typically, fans would think “the more pay-per-views the better!” and “at least I’m getting my money’s worth from the WWE Network,” but are more pay-per-views really better? Since there is a very short time frame between pay-per-views, there is not enough time to create new rivalries. Therefore, pay-per-view matches are oftentimes basically the same for two or more events. For example, Charlotte and Sasha have been rivals since July, and they have faced each other at almost every pay-per-view since then.

Just looking back since August, Sasha and Charlotte competed against each other at Summerslam, Clash of Champions (triple threat with Bayley), and Hell in a Cell. That’s three pay-per-views. This rivalry has lasted for five months.

Since the amount of time between pay-per-views is short, matches feel repetitive and old. Dean Ambrose and AJ Styles have been facing each other (with John Cena in the mix at one point) practically since the brand split. WWE needs to limit rivalries to two to three months max. Especially with a three hour show, it is easy for viewers to lose interest.

In my opinion, there aren’t enough superstars on the roster to have such frequent pay-per-views. If they had more superstars, they would be able to show different combinations of matches at pay-per-views. They would be able to have shorter, more diverse story-lines. They should consider hiring back old superstars, AND making the most of the rosters they have now. WWE, you do not need to use every superstar you have on every episode of Raw. Surprise the audience when a superstar appears on Raw for the first time in a few weeks – the way NXT does – in order to up the excitement and give the show an element of surprise. Then nourish a rivalry between them and another superstar for a few weeks. When that fizzles out, repeat with another superstar.