Cena Heel Turn UPDATE

It’s real. It’s happening. First, listen to his speech patterns on this past Tuesday’s episode of Smackdown Live:

Before Cena even starts speaking, we see that his hand motions are ghetto.

I just realized something else in my second watching: have you guys ever noticed how heel characters say something to try to make the fans react in a certain way? For example, how Paul Heyman tells the audience, “don’t start chanting ‘Goldberg'” and of course, they do start chanting “Goldberg.” It’s like reverse psychology. Well, here, Cena does something similar. He says, “How many time have I come to this ring and ten thousand or more people tell me I suck…?” This seems like the same strategy to me, even though it doesn’t get the desired reaction; the audience doesn’t chant “John Cena Sucks.” It’s like how heels want people to boo them because that’s how they know they’re a good heel.

The way that he’s talking is rhythmic (I mentioned this in my previous post). He says, “Dude, you’ve been hot for like six months/I held this place down for well over a decade.” It sounds like rapping without the rhymes. Again, you can see his ghetto hand motions at the bottom of the screen. (he holds his hand out, spreading his fingers, and shakes his hand, as if saying, “nah, man.” You know, that motion.)

I knew he was turning heel for certain the moment he says, “So I’m gonna level with you homie/regardless of who you think you are, you not on my level, you not even on the floor below me.” A rhyme and a “homie.”

At the end of his speech, he says, “On Sunday, you’re just a guy who’s gonna find out what everybody already knows. There’s only one John Cena and I’m still a bad, bad man, and my time is now.” You may or may not know that “Bad, Bad Man” was one of John Cena’s songs on his rap album, and of course, “My Time is Now” is his entrance song. John Cena referencing his Dr. of Thuganomics roots as a face isn’t something I remember happening ever. Faces don’t recognize the time they spent as a heel. UNLESS THEY’RE TURNING HEEL AGAIN.

My last piece of evidence is an Instagram post from a wrestling fan page which dissected a post from John Cena:

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 6.03.51 PM.png

There you have it. Expect to see Heel Cena at the Rumble.


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