Cena Heel Turn

“What will John Cena do now, after being beaten by AJ Styles three times?” the WWE Universe asks itself. Some fans speculate that Cena will turn heel. The WWE Universe has been blowing up the comments sections about Cena’s heel turn ever since Cena lost to AJ and left his “Never Give Up” armband in the ring. Now Cena and Styles are scheduled for one more match at the Royal Rumble. “Why?” you may ask. Cena has lost to Styles three times. How can he believably win after that many losses? A heel turn seems to be the only solution. When you try to do something multiple times, and fail multiple times, you must do something differently to get different results. It seems absolutely ridiculous that they would have Cena lose for the fourth time against Styles, UNLESS Cena is retiring. But Cena has made it very clear, especially recently, that he has no intention of retiring any time soon. So, my prediction is that Cena turns heel whether he wins or loses the match at the Royal Rumble. He may win, and attribute the win to his “new” attitude, or he may lose, and use that as the reason for his heel turn. Either way, it seems as if Cena is plotting the seeds for his heel turn. For example, check out this clip from the contract signing last week on Smackdown Live:

Cena acts aggressive, which we haven’t seen in a while. He really sells the rivalry. He seems to have this “new” “tough guy” attitude. He even falls back into some of his old speech patterns as the Dr. of Thuganomics, calling AJ a “punk little bitch.” When Cena speaks, his tone almost sounds like he’s rapping the half-rhymes he was famous for in 2004. Cena even tells Styles to “bring the noise,” something his alter-ego would say. Another example of this is when, right before he signs the contract, he says, “I’m John Cena, recognize.”

What do you guys think? Maybe I’m looking into this too much, since I was such a huge fan of Cena in 2004-2009. I would love for him to go back to his old character, rather than being an icon just for children. However, realistically, he will probably just blend some of his old character (the heel) into his current character, and just be John Cena with a little more attitude.


3 thoughts on “Cena Heel Turn”

  1. I personally am looking forward to it. I’ve always been a John Cena fan and I think that a heal turn is exactly what we as Fans (as well as the WWE Universe as a whole) need right now. The product has gotten bland and I think that a heal turn from the WWE’s most popular player is just what we need.

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    1. I absolutely agree. Even though we are devoted fans, the WWE Universe (or most of it, anyway) misses the Attitude Era. John Cena arrived on the scene during a weird transitional time between the Attitude Era and the PG Era (actually, I just Googled it and they call this period of transition the Ruthless Aggression Era). While it wasn’t exactly the Attitude Era, it was way more risqué and rebellious than what we see on TV now. It was unpredictable to the point of being shocking, entertaining, and so exciting. Each night you never knew what to expect. So I feel like John Cena turning heel is almost like making the WWE less of a PG Era. It’s kind of like rewinding to the old era. Obviously, him turning heel does not make a huge era-changing impact, but it might lead to one. I can’t wait to see what the next era is for the WWE.

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