Who is La Luchadora?



Who is this masked woman? There are rumors swirling in the WWE community about her identity. Some guesses are more probable than others. For example, some fans think La Luchadora could be one of these women: Tamina, Trinity, or Eva Marie. Due to body type alone, Tamina and Trinity are out of the running. While for some reason Eva Marie is still around, I just don’t think she is La Luchadora. I think the WWE Universe would be really angry that she was getting a push. And besides, we all know that Eva would not opt to have her face masked. She’s too in love with her face to do that.

My top two guesses are Mickie James or Deonna Purrazzo.

These ladies’ olive skin tone matches La Luchadora. They both also have similar facial structures compared to La Luchadora. Some fans are swayed by the fact that Mickie has signed a contract with the WWE to become a member of Smackdown Live’s roster. However, I ultimately think that Deonna Purrazzo is La Luchadora. They already brought Mickie back to face Asuka, so it doesn’t make sense to give her a gimmick. People are expecting it to be Mickie because they know she is coming back to the WWE.

But I am almost certain that Mickie James is not La Luchadora, and I’ll tell you why:

Upon doing some light research, I discovered that Deonna Purrazzo is five feet tall. Who else is five feet tall? Miss Five Feet of Fury herself, Alexa Bliss, of course. Who came out on Smackdown recently dressed as La Luchadora? Alexa Bliss. Therefore, it makes sense to have Bliss put the La Luchadora costume on, since she and Deonna Purrazzo are the same height, and approximately the same weight. Mickie, on the other hand, is five feet and four inches tall. When Alexa dressed as La Luchadora to face Becky Lynch, the real La Luchadora came out after the match to help Bliss beat up on Lynch. Standing next to each other (fast forward to the last minute of the match), the women are clearly the same height and weight. WWE obviously did this so that when Bliss came out in the La Luchadora costume, it would not be so easy to distinguish her identity.

Obviously, there are other women that are (or have been) in the WWE that are around this height, so this theory isn’t completely fool-proof. For example, JoJo, Layla, AJ Lee, Asuka, Dana Brooke, Ember Moon, and Liv Morgan are all between 5′ 2″ and 5′ 3″ tall. However, given Purrazzo’s recent appearance on Smackdown, it seems likely that she is La Luchadora.

Does anyone have any other guesses than the women I’ve mentioned here? I would love to hear them!


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