Dasha Fuentes

Dasha Fuentes is the newest face backstage on Smackdown. She came up from NXT, where she was a terrific ring announcer. A possible reason for this is that Renee Young might be looking to begin her wrestling career (I can see a match between her and Maryse in the near future), and they needed a replacement interviewer. However, Dasha Fuentes does not seem to be performing as well as she did at NXT. In her very first backstage interview on Smackdown, she made a slip-up or two (I’m looking for the video now). If it happens once, okay, we can all look past that. It was her first night on the job. We’ve all been nervous on our first day. However, she messed up again last night (1/3) during her interview with Dean Ambrose, twice.

Personally, I don’t think her job is that hard. Compared to superstars that have to give speeches in front of thousands of people, backstage interviewers have to memorize a few lines at a time, and while there is a huge audience and millions of people watching at home, she is not in front of them. She is talking to one person. She makes only one, maybe two, appearances during the show. She should be practicing her lines over and over again until she gets them right. As I’ve mentioned, it’s an easy job, which means she is easily replaceable. Hopefully she gets her act together soon so she can stick around.



(Unfortunately, the video of Dasha’s interview with Dean that I found from YouTube was taken down, so if you’re interested in watching it, you can do so on Hulu, or on the WWE Network when the episode is uploaded (they’re usually about 4 weeks behind). If you find it anywhere on the internet, please let me know!)



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