Speech Botching

Okay, so we can all pretty much agree that Mick Foley has been having some serious slip-ups. Last week, he didn’t know which city he was in. Thankfully, tonight on Raw, he addressed the situation. We notice when they mess up, and not addressing it is the equivalent of farting really loudly in a room full of people, and acting like it wasn’t you, even though everyone knows it was you. However, immediately after Foley jokes about messing up, he messes up again. This time he tells Jericho that Jericho should be banned from the match, the match which Jericho is in…yeah. Although Foley isn’t the only one who has messed up so far tonight. The ref in the Rollins vs. Owens match yelled “Seth Rollins is disqualified. Seth Rollins won the match” when Owens hits Rollins with the ringside bell.  😑


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