Randy Orton, Member of the Wyatt Family

Do you think that Randy Orton should stop doing his taunt now that he’s part of the Wyatt family? And why has he decided to keep using it, in your opinion? We’re discussing this subject in my household right now and want your input! 


4 thoughts on “Randy Orton, Member of the Wyatt Family”

  1. I like the dynamic of Randy Orton in the Wyatt Family. I hope that he can stay as his persona (that would include him keeping his taunt) because I think that the lackeys who become the soul-less followers gimmick is old. I’d love to see the joining together of these equally sadistic entities. I think it could be an amazing faction.


    1. Sorry chbrown6, I just saw this! I agree with you! I think it makes sense that he’s in the Wyatt Family considering the unhinged character he’s played in the past. However, he has not been that character for a while, so I would have liked more of a transition before he joined the Wyatt Family, like a few episodes where he acted crazy again. Like some groundwork to weave it all together a little better. But I’m surprised that they’re still together! I’m glad that they are. We all pretty much know that Orton is going to turn on the Wyatt Family at some point, but the longer they’re together, the more shocking it will be when it does finally happen.

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      1. When the Wyatt family first appeared with the creepy vignettes and the lights going out before the entrances…I hated him but I loved to hate him. He was the new bad guy that you must love to hate. He was the antithesis of John Cena. He was the anti-establishment, proverbial middle finger in the air. He got kind of stagnant. It got old but now The Randy Orton addition seems to add fresh wood to the dying embers.

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