Superstars Flaking Out of Matches

I seriously want to know why this is becoming a thing. First, it was Eva Marie, who was obviously not ready to wrestle on the main roster again after being sent back to NXT to train. Eva Marie’s Smackdown Live Debut was postponed not one, not two, but three times. First, she was “injured,” then she was “stuck in traffic,” then she experienced a “wardrobe malfunction.” The quotation marks are meant to show how ridiculous these excuses are. Then, conveniently, it was announced that Eva Marie was given a 30-day suspension (which she still hasn’t returned from even though it became effective on August 19th – exactly two months ago). This also creates suspicions that the high volume of recent suspensions are part of the storyline, rather than punishments for so-called violations of the wellness policy.

Another superstar that has delayed their debut is Curt Hawkins. Hawkins was supposed to debut at No Mercy, but didn’t. He showed up, got into the ring, talked a little bit, then left. It is speculated that time constraints prevented his debut from taking place Then it was announced that Hawkins would be making his debut on Smackdown Live October 11th. However, the debut did not happen then either. In a backstage interview, Hawkins provided the reason for the delay: “Time waits for no man, except… Curt Hawkins.” Hawkins was supposed to debut again on Smackdown Live last night against Apollo Crews. Hawkins walked out to the ring, talked a little crap, received a hit from Crews, then left the ring. The match never happened. So Hawkins’ debut has been put off 3 times, the same amount as Eva Marie’s debut. Does he also need some extra practice time? One would think not, since he was a WWE superstar before. Is this method supposed to hype up his actual debut? I don’t think it accomplishes that. He isn’t anything special right now, so it’s only annoying and predictable since it was JUST DONE with Eva Marie.



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