Paige Suspended (Again)

The WWE announced that Paige has been suspended for sixty days for her second offense of violating the company’s wellness policy.

After the female superstar’s first suspension, Paige posted an explanation on Instagram:


In this post from three weeks ago, Paige claims that her suspension was a result of a “procedural issue” due to not taking the required drug test in time. Apparently Paige and Del Rio were on vacation at the time of the surprise drug test and tried to make it back in time, but failed ( At the time of her first suspension, Paige also stated that she had no intention of leaving the WWE. When Alberto Del Rio was released from the WWE after his suspension (which took effect on the same day as Paige’s first suspension), it was assumed that Paige, Del Rio’s girlfriend, would follow suit.

However, things may have changed with this most recent suspension. Paige is obviously angry about the company’s decision. The WWE Universe has expressed that they believe Paige is being punished because Del Rio has left, the same way that AJ Lee was mistreated after CM Punk left the WWE.

According to Paige’s father, Paige has been suffering from a “long-term neck injury,” for which she has been prescribed pain killers ( These drugs are supposedly in violation of the WWE’s wellness policy. He also claims that his daughter has not been getting “proper care and advice” during this injury, assumably from the WWE.

About this second suspension, Paige has tweeted: screen-shot-2016-10-10-at-4-39-58-pm


This second tweet obviously refers to the fact that some superstars have violated the company’s wellness policy and have not been punished for it, such as Brock Lesnar, who recently failed a drug test.

If Paige gets suspended a third time, her contract with the WWE will be terminated.

Paige is only one of many superstars to face suspension due to a violation of the WWE’s wellness policy. In the last few months, six superstars have been suspended including: Adam Rose, Alberto Del Rio, Eva Marie, Konnor (from the Ascension), Paige (twice), and Roman Reigns. Since the WWE started doing regular drug testing after the drug-related death of Eddie Guerrero in 2006, the WWE has issued over fifty suspensions for violations of the company’s wellness policy. The entire list can be viewed here:


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