Becky Lynch Injury

Last night, fans learned that Becky Lynch would be unable to compete at No Mercy due to an injury. Rumors swirled about Lynch’s injury all day yesterday. Some sources reported that she would not compete in her scheduled match against Alexa Bliss, other sources claimed that Lynch would compete, but that she would lose the title the same way that Sasha Banks lost to Charlotte in order to have some time off to recover from her injury a few months ago. Mostly, a cloud of confusion circled the situation, and the WWE Universe was not told for sure about Lynch’s status until commentators confirmed at No Mercy that Lynch would not be competing, and that Bliss would face another opponent.

So why all the secrecy? What’s going on with Becky Lynch? According to PWInsider,  “Lynch’s health issue is preventing her from taking bumps…she does not have a physical injury” ( Although some sites reported that Lynch’s injury was neck-related. Apparently, Lynch’s last performance at a live event was a tag team match on October 3rd, additionally, Lynch reportedly did not make an appearance at the WWE house show in Portland, Oregon, on October 8th. Despite this, Lynch’s health issue “isn’t said to be serious” and is “unrelated to anything physical, or in the ring ( Rumor has it that Lynch should only be out of the ring for about a month, so she will not have to vacate her title (the rule is that a superstar must relinquish their title after 60 days of not competing).

While Becky Lynch deserves her privacy, fans can’t help but wonder, what is this “injury” that isn’t really an injury? It must be personal, since the WWE is so tight-lipped about it. It is the day after No Mercy, and there still isn’t any kind of update about Lynch’s medical condition. Perhaps more information will be revealed tonight on Monday Night Raw.

Here is the tweet Becky Lynch sent out yesterday. There is a photo attached which shows her in a hospital bed.


Whatever physical ailment Lynch is suffering from, we all hope she gets better soon so she can get back in the ring. I can’t imagine another female superstar deserving of the Smackdown Women’s Title at this point in time.


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