Dan Matha NXT Debut

Tonight, Dan Matha attempted to debut on NXT, but he was attacked by Samoa Joe before his match. We don’t know much about Matha so far, but two things stand out: one, he’s ginormous. He stands at six foot seven. The second, is Matha’s body acne, which stole the spotlight. It covers his arms, legs, chest, stomach, and back. I apologize for being critical, but it’s unrealistic not to comment on the subject. The WWE Universe has noticed it, and they are already making comments about it on Twitter, on Youtube, etc. Let’s face it, the WWE is known to be shallow, so it’s surprising that they would allow Matha to debut without requiring some dermatology care. While there are obviously natural causes of body acne, the first thing one thinks is “steroids.”


In this photo, taken from the promotional video for Matha’s debut, Matha’s body acne is distinct. The entire video can be found here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQmsIVxU0uU. However, it is much more prominent in the live segment.

I hope that Matha is talented enough to be known as more than the guy with all the acne. At that height, he should be very successful in the WWE. It will be entertaining to see him match up against other six- and seven-footers in the future.


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