David Otunga: Worst WWE Commentator in History

When one searches: “David Otunga WWE Commentator,” the first result that pops up is “Worst WWE Commentator in History.” Actually, it doesn’t say that, but it should. Instead, the headlines read, “David Otunga Temporarily Taking Over Commentary Duties for Jerry Lawler” and “David Otunga Has Found His Calling as a WWE Commentator.” Actually, wrestling rumors.net, I hope you’re right that Otunga’s role as a commentator is temporary. Thank you for giving me hope. As for Otunga finding his “calling” as a commentator (hiddenremote.com), you guys obviously wrote your article before you heard David Otunga commentate. It is amazing how bad Otunga is at commentary, considering that he barely even commentates. Every time he does speak, however, I face palm my forehead, cover my eyes, and will myself to be temporarily deaf.

When I Googled Otunga to see if anyone else noticed his lack of commentary skills, I came across a YouTube video of the Don Tony and Kevin Castle show, which, for the record, I have not heard of until today. The segment I am referring to is called “Why David Otunga’s Commentary is BRUTAL on WWE Smackdown!” and was posted by TVTraX.

Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EUuufBjN9U

In the show, Don Tony claims Otunga’s commentary sounds like “somebody on a soundboard, and on the soundboard they have 500 phrases of David Otunga…and when somebody does something in the ring, I could press one button, and it would say something and the way it was said, the energy, and the lack of thought behind it…he’s horrendous.”

However, some people believe Otunga is receiving too much criticism for his commentary. The top comment on the video says, “You guys are overdoing it. I literally never remember that he’s even on commentary.” This comment received 28 “likes.”

So what do you think? Is David Otunga really as bad as some people (myself included) seem to think? Should we cut him some slack and hope he improves? For the record, I REALLY do hope he improves, but I’m not sure I’m patient enough to wait for that to happen. Some people are not cut out to commentate, even if they did wrestle. Should WWE replace him and save themselves and Otunga further embarrassment?


*I wanted to share clips of Otunga’s commentary to prove my point, but I couldn’t find any and didn’t want to break any copyright laws. I also wanted to watch all of the episodes of Smackdown since the WWE Draft (via Hulu), and list the dumb things Otunga has said, but that would take a really long time and I’m not sure anyone would want to read all of it. If you have the time to go back and listen to Otunga, do it. If anything, when you watch Smackdown Live, pay special attention to Otunga. You’ll see what I mean. You’ll get a good laugh, but you might also be a little frustrated like I am.

*On a side note, have you guys ever noticed the creepy look Otunga gives the camera?



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